Are you “Rolling Loud” ?


Ultra Music Festival has taken over Miami for far too long; it’s time for a new era. Festival goers have prayed days and nights for a cultural music shift and ALAS the God’s have spoken. Dope Ent. has catered to the taste of young hip-hop and rap lovers all over Miami and provided a medium of entry into a different world of music. Finally, a place where rebels, twerkers,  and people who just like trap, can unite and enjoy music “under the electric sky”.


2016 is Rolling Loud’s second year in production and things keep looking up for previous years to come . Last year’s Rolling Loud came with minor setbacks and glitches that held it from reaching it’s full potential; however, this year it came back ready to take on any challenges and exceeded expectations with mainstream headliners. Held in the heart of Wynwood, an already culturally accepting environment, the festival plans to bring out more envelope-pushing artists that continue to break barriers in the industry.


Artists such as Future, Young Thug, Kent Jones, Kodak Black, 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign and more, all attended this year’s rolling loud.




Rolling loud has become a platform where main industry artists meet the new generation of soundcloud artists; giving an equal balance between ‘hype” and “straight vibes”. The festival was setup with two main stages; the “Dab” stage and the “Sauce” stage on either side of the venue. Although Rolling Loud was centered around a hip-hop audience, it also contained a smaller stage, the “Citrus” stage, that focused on more indie artists.


Overall, Dope Ent. has listened to the kids and provided a festival worth attending. Rolling Loud is a force to be reckoned with as Miami’s first Hip-Hop and Rap music festival. Let’s see what they have planned up their sleeves for next year.